Zombie Demolisher

Zombie Demolisher Game

Forget about the time you have to escape the zombies. Now, you must fight against them. They are hiding in their safehouse. How to wipe out all of them? You can use a solid iron ball to demolish the structures and break the ceilings of the hideouts in order to kill all these zombies. You have to make sure that you release the iron ball at the right time to get the greatest damage. You can earn bonus points by destroying as many objects as possible and from the leftover balls. There are 30 available levels for you to conquer. Enjoy this Zombie Demolisher puzzle game & play Zombie Demolisher 4 Invasion In Texas game!

Controls: Use your mouse or some hotkeys to play this game. Press 1, 2, 3 to select the type of demolition ball, arrows to move screen level and spacebar to shoot.

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