Zombie Crisis

Zombie Crisis Game

Zombie Crisis is a funny game. Believe me. It really is. In the game, you are the only one survivor. You hope that there are other people in this place. It’s not too difficult to play the game. All you need is quick reaction. Try to kill all zombies by tapping on them. You should do it quickly because there are numerous zombies. You can’t miss one or the game will be over right there. When you are in the higher levels, the speed of the zombies will be increased. You should get ready to face it. Don’t forget that you can go shopping to equip more weapons. You can get extra lives, kill zombies with giant defibrillator, explode zombies with 02 gas leak, lure and slow down with giant brain. There are 32 levels in total for you to satisfy your curiousness. Have fun playing the game!

Control :  Tap directly on the touching screen if you play on the mobile devices. Use the mouse if you play on the PC.

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