Zombie Buster

Zombie Buster Game

What happened? Zombies are attacking our world. They will turn the earth into a cemetery with dead corpses. What should we do to stop them? Keep your gun on hand and destroy all the malicious zombies in the city. Hurry up! Jump into Zombie Buster and show off your shooting skills in the game. In friv4 game, enemies will appear everywhere and your task is to shoot them down. However, they often hide in safe areas where there are many obstacles that can cover them. Moreover, you can not move to search and destroy them. A smart solution for you is that you should use bouncing bullets to attack zombies. Taking advantage of the bounce rate and adjusting the direction of the shot will help you achieve high results in the match. Be careful because you can be destroyed by your own bullet. Good luck!
Shoot down enemies with your left mouse in the game.

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