Yum Yum Pizzas

Yum Yum Pizzas Game

Wow! Welcome to the pizza party with lovely guests in the restaurant! Yum Yum Pizzas will make your dream come true in life. In this game, you will learn how to make delicious pizza with eye-catching looks to attract customers from all over the town. To make delicious pizza, you need to just follow the baking process on the screen. Do not forget that you only have a limited time to make pizza, so you have to act fast and accurately according to customer requirements. In order to get your customers’ money, you have to pay attention to time, complete the task within the specified time and avoid waiting for customers because they will become angry. This means the game will end. Come to Yum Yum Pizzas, I hope that you will have many enjoyable moments in the game. Play or regret???

Controls: Interact with the computer by using the mouse in the game.

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