Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt Game

Welcome to the witch world! Use all your skills to defeat waves of monsters in the battle. Witch Hunt is an attractive and addictive shooting game in which you don’t need to deal with many tasks on friv 2018. With Witch Hunt, simply, your main mission is to shoot continuously until the enemy is out of energy. Be more careful with waves of enemies because they are very dangerous and difficult to destroy. Especially, try your best to kill as many monsters as possible and upgrade your power in the game. Are you ready to conquer this Friv game!

Witch Hunt game

How to play Witch Hunt Game

Use your Blaze Rune to unleash Flame Orbs. Target with Mouse and Click to cast. Equip the frost rune and strike with colo spikes. To use frost rune, Press W. To switch back to blaze rune, press Q (Slow enemies). The storm rune summons chaos bolts for the price of accuracy. To use Storm Rune, press E. Sometimes you get preemptive advantage. Move the cursor at the far edges to pan the screen.


You need to collect a lot of Gold to upgrade characters.

UPGRADE characters

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