Under Cover

Under Cover Game

Haha! Under Cover is a fun game in which you will be a paparazzi who captures the unexpected moments of the girls in the Friv 4 game. Try to concentrate to record the embarrassing photos of the girls and remind them to avoid these situations in the future. I have a few useful notes for you when playing this game. First, you only need to use your to move the camera around. Second, you press the left mouse to take a picture with a special symbol on the screen. Finally, you have to act quickly or you will lose points in the game. In particular, when the unexpected situation is about to happen, you will receive a yellow exclamation mark on the screen. Things will happen only in some minutes. Haha! I bet that you will laugh all the time because of this unique gameplay. Have a great time!
How to play?
You only use your mouse to take some pictures in the Friv 4 free online game.

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