Thrill Rush 5

Thrill Rush 5 Game

After a series of best -selling game version from Thrill Rush 1 to Thrill Rush 4, the fun and challenging roller-coaster action continues to release the fifth installment, “Thrill Rush 5.” The content of Thrill Rush 5 is not different than the previous version, players must try to control the character to overcome all obstacles along the way, not crash or fall off the track. But first, the player needs to collect as much money along the way, all stars and finish with the best result – three stars. At the end of each level, using the money earned to upgrade your character to become better, using better technology to overcome the difficult levels ahead. Save money and upgrade at the right time, otherwise you will not be able to pass all the levels behind. Note: To control the character, you only need to use the arrow on the keyboard. Follow our Friv4 Game, there will be many new roller-coaster action games updated in the near future.

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