Tactical Squad

Tactical Squad Game

Tactical Squad is an attractive action game in which the players have to kill a specific number of enemies in each mission. To start this game, you will be equipped a sniper rifle with 5 bullets in each level. Your main task not only eliminates the foes but also avoids innocent targets. If you accidentally shoot at them, your score will be deducted. In each task, foe’s color is different from the color of innocent targets, so you can be easily to find out them. Interestingly, with Tactical Squad, the players also can select different contexts on the map such as bridge, city, station, street or city square. Especially, if you want to complete each level in the shortest time, you can buy better rifles in battle by earning as much money as possible. I am ready, and you? Do you want to try? Enjoy now!


You can use the mouse to interact with the computer or tap directly on the touch devices.

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