Super Mall

Super Mall Game

Super Mall is a great game for you to practice your investment ability. In the game, you will play as a investor and an owner of a mall. Now you have to think carefully about what to build and operate first in your mall so that you can make more money to build other profitable stores. You can think of a flower shop, a book store, a fashion shop, a pet shop, a gifts shop, an electronics shop, etc. Let’s prove you are a smart investor and earn a lot of money. If you make a million in 30 days or less, you will win golden trophy. Make a million in 34 days or less, you will win silver trophy. Make a million in 38 days or less, you will win bronze trophy. If you will not make a million in 38 days, you are a loser. Now all can do right now is make your customers happy. High satisfaction level means more clients the next day. Low satisfaction level means less clients the next day. Good luck!

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