Super Elastic

Super Elastic Game

Super Elastic is a funny and addictive game which is suitable for all ages from children to adults. Your main mission is to pose your body correctly like the postures on the oncoming panels. With Super Elastic, you will only have a little time to control your body in each image. So, to gain the final win, you have to remember quickly all manipulations and set suitable postures in Super Elastic. Especially, sometimes, you have to keep more keys at a time to overcome challenges in the game. Play it now! Have a great time!

How to play Super Elastic game

You can use the mouse to interact or use some keys on the computer such as A: Raise your hands to the left, E: Raise your hands to the right, Q: Keep straight hands to the left, D: Keep straight hands to the right, W: Keep your leg to the left, C: Keep your leg to the right.

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