Stealing the Diamond

Stealing the Diamond Game

Developed by Puffballs United, Stealing the Diamond is a story about Herry, who has been escaped from prison and intends to steal the diamonds in the local museum. Your main mission is to help Herry steal diamond and find a way out of the museum. However, on the way to escape, you will be faced with many challenges from the police. So, you can pick up stones on the road to throw at the police or use support tools to avoid their bullets. With Stealing the Diamond, you don’t need to play the beginning again if you fail in each mission. So, you can be easy to come back to the previous tasks and finish the game in the shortest time. Discover it right now! Have a great time!

How to play Stealing the Diamond game ?

Use the mouse to interact with the computer, K to kick, J to jump, or tap directly on the touch devices. Good luck!

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