Sprinter Game

Are you a professional athlete? Do you dare participate in a dramatic running game – Sprinter? Challenge all the players and create the highest score in the world right now. In this game, you will participate in an athletics competition which has the participation of many talented athletes from different countries. After a shot, you must try to run, run and run to become the first to reach the finish line. There are all 8 players from 8 different countries and their purpose is to win and the world cup champion. Try your best to run as fast as possible and put your name on the chart. Although the graphics of the game are quite simple, the gameplay is extremely attractive. You will have the opportunity to compete and learn the racing skills of many of the world’s competitors. How many seconds can you finish the 100- meter race? All will have in Sprinter!
How to play?
You only need to use the left arrow or the right arrow key to control your character.

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