Spinz.IO Game

Inspired by Fidget Spinner toy, I bet that Spinz.IO will attract your attention from first sight. Why can I say so? Because Spinz IO is an awesome and interesting multiplayer action game for all ages with simple gameplay. Eating to develop is the basic principle of this game, so your biggest task is to collect as many colorful dots as possible and become the largest spinner in Spinz IO. To complete this task, you only need to hold your mouse and control spinner to eat everything in your path. Don’t forget to kill other players and put your name on the Leaderboard of Spinz IO. However, note that your score must exceed your opponent’s score at least 4 times, you can destroy them. Haha! It sounds very fun. Start this game at game friv 4!
Control your spinner with the mouse on the computer.
How to play Spinz.io

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