Snowboard Simulator

Snowboard Simulator Game

Do you love skiing games? Are you looking for a fun and exciting game? No doubt! Snowboard Simulator will be a perfect choice for you. In a beautiful setting – a forest covered with snow and long endless runways, you will control a character to skate on the snow track. However, on this track, you will encounter many difficulties and obstacles such as rocks, deadly traps or fences. To overcome the challenges, you must carefully watch and adjust the character moves in the correct direction on the screen. Another important task for you is that you should take every opportunity to collect gold coins and support tools on the track.

Earth Ninja
Earth Ninja Free
Fire ninja
Fire ninja – Price 1000
Sky Ninja - Price 3000
Sky Ninja – Price 3000
Water Ninja - Price 4000
Water Ninja – Price 4000

With beautiful visuals, vivid motion effects and fun sounds, the game promises to bring hours of entertainment to the players. What are you waiting for? Check this game right now!

How to play?

The players can use arrow keys or AD to move, space to jump.

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