Smash City

Smash City Game

Are you stressed? Let’s destroy something. Hey, why don’t we ruin the whole big city in Smash City? It’s not the bad idea. In the game, you will be a very huge monster who has only one mission of destroying everything in the city. Hit the buildings, houses, parks, government offices, hospitals, cars, people etc. Cause destruction to anything you meet along the way. Don’t give the police a chance to shoot you down. Remember that the more damages you can create, the higher points you can earn. Points are very important for you to unlock the stronger monsters. With that, let’s make the city become a devastated one. Are you ready? Play now!

How to play Smash City game

For PC, you can use the leftwards/rightwards to move to the left/right. Press space to rampage. For mobile devices, you can tap the screen to play. Note: You can download the app of this game on App Store, Google Play or Amazon for free. Enjoy!

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