Slither Birds

Slither Birds Game

Haha! Do you like playing and Angry Birds game? Do you want to play both of these games at the same time? Congratulations! Slither Birds will be a perfect choice for you. Especially, this is also one of the most attractive multiplayer games in the IO genre. Here, you will control a slither bird carefully and help it eat as many colored balls as possible in the sky. These balls will be everywhere on the screen, so you have to control the slither bird to move continuously and collect them. You should remember that the more balls your slither bird eat, the longer you become. Another important mission for you is that you must avoid or attack other players on the screen. To get rid of them, you just need to let them crash their heads into your body and collect much energy after they die in the battle. Who will become the longest and largest slither bird in this game? I wish you could do it!


You can use the mouse to move, Left click to boost (lose mass).

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