Skate Hooligans

Skate Hooligans Game

If you are a fan of skateboard games, I suggest that you shouldn’t miss Skate Hooligans to challenge your talent. Show off all your skills by skating as fast as possible to escape the pursuit of the police. Be careful with many dangerous obstacles on the way and overcome them by jumping over the barriers, rolling body, and sliding to the side. Furthermore, you should try your best to collect many coins and use them to upgrade your power in the game. Besides, in Skate Hooligans, if you can’t pass an obstacle on the way, the game will end immediately. Are you ready to start the race? I am ready! What about you?

How to play Skate Hooligans game

Use leftwards and rightwards arrow to move left or right, upwards arrow to jump and downwards arrow to roll. Besides, with touch devices, you can tap directly on the screen.

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