Sheriff Callie

Sheriff Callie Game

Before becoming the town’s sheriff, you must pass some tests such as serving juices, recovering lost herds, returning stolen goods and eventually catching the thief and causing a lot of trouble. So are you ready to have a very close look at Sheriff Callie – Deputy for a day? In the Friv 4 game, you will be assigned to become a deputy of the town for a day. All you have to do is to help the citizen in the town with troubles they encounter. For example, you will find the lost items for the animals from Callie town. Try to do it as quickly as you can. Keep them strong with a lot of healthy drink. Sometimes, you will have to find all the cattle which is left by the bandits quickly. You should play the game now to see how good you are at doing as the Deputy of the town in Sheriff Callie – Deputy for a day. It’s time to play Sharing is Caring, Thirsty Work, and Cattle Chaos. Good luck!

Control : Use the mouse to interact.

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