Shark Simulator

Shark Simulator Game

Are you ready to become a dangerous hunter in the animal world? Play Shark Simulator and become a destroyer in the ocean. In this exciting action game, you will become a shark and your mission is to destroy the swimmers on the sea. These swimmers will appear in recreational areas and in near-shore distances. Therefore, you have to control the sharks moving near those areas and attack the swimmers in the water. Especially, in each level, you will have a specific target to conquer in the game. Try your best to complete each level in the shortest time. Warning! This game is extremely violent and has lots of bloody and scary graphics. So, you should consider carefully before playing or allowing children to reach. With true 3D graphics, vibrant motion effects and color graphics, the game will bring you more exciting experiences. Hope that you will have many enjoyable moments in life!

How to play?

The players can use WASD to move, space to attack on the sea.

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