Seek And Destroy

Seek And Destroy Game

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot? Jump into Seek And Destroy and make this dream come true right now! Seek And Destroy is a really engaging plane battle in the air. Here, you will act as a professional pilot who has the flying skill and bravery. Control your plane to move around the area and find the enemy in the city. Remember that enemies can attack at any time and they can be hiding everywhere, such as schools, hospitals, airports, public areas, museums. Therefore, you have to be extremely alert and always focus on destroying the enemy. In addition, another important task for you is that you must avoid collisions and be attacked by other planes in the sky. Are you ready to conquer this exciting multiplayer game? Don’t miss any chance to explore it and find your limit in life. Good luck!


WS to power, arrows key to control, the left click to shoot, the right click to use missiles.

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