School Kissing

School Kissing Game

Kissing is one of the most wonderful states that expresses human emotion. However, a cruel woman does not want to see this happy moment, so your mission is to help a couple kiss each other without being caught by this woman in School Kissing. Haha! This mission is very interesting and fun, right? Play this game right now and get tons of smiles in the FRIV 4 FREE ONLINE game. The scene is set in a corner of the schoolyard, a pair of lovers reading books under the supervision of a fat woman. Whenever this woman does not pay attention to them, press to help them kiss as long as possible. Do not forget that you must watch carefully and constantly, otherwise you will be caught by that woman and the game is over. So sad! There are no signs of a woman appearing, so you have to pay attention to every direction in the game. Hope that you can get tons of fun hours in life.
How to play?
Click and press with your left mouse in the free game.

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