Rock Hero Online

Rock Hero Online Game

The race of light and speed welcome you in Rock Hero Online – an awesome reaction game for everyone. This game is played by thousands of the players around the world due to the attractive gameplay and fun sound in the Friv game. In this game, three colors (orange, green, blue) will appear on the screen corresponding to 3 buttons. Here, your task is to click on the buttons when the corresponding colors fall on the screen. Try your best to hit the right button and the right time to score the highest score in the game.


It’s important to remember that the speed of this game is extremely fast, so you do not have much time to think, you have to interact quickly and accurately on the screen. In particular, if you miss multiple times, the game will end immediately. Who is the best player in this game? It could completely be you. Check it out right now!


Use ASD to play the game.

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