Return Man 3

Return Man 3 Game

Developed by MiniMonsterMedia, Return Man 3 is one of the most attractive sports game in which you will fight to snatch the ball and pass the other players in the match. Try your best to keep the ball in hand and avoid being robbed by other players. Remember, in dangerous situations (many players are surrounded by you), you need to speed up and find the perfect tactics in the friv game. In particular, in this game, you can use the help of teammates to help the team win the opponent. Don’t forget to unlock the next level and special moves at higher levels. Are you ready to conquer 15 challenging levels? 15 levels will be 15 important challenges and this is also the opportunity to show your talent and ingenuity.
How to play?
You can use I to run forward up the field, J to run left, K to run down the field, L to run right. ASD to use a special move.

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