Red Ball 6

Red Ball 6 Game

Play Red Ball 6 (Redball 4 Vol 3) now to enjoy many wonderful feelings! Run as far as possible and collect many stars on the way. Especially, be careful with dangerous obstacles and deadly traps in the game. Use arrow keys to move, and the mouse to aim. What are you waiting for? Show off your talent now!

2 thoughts on “Red Ball 6

  1. Sharomena Aarthi says:

    Red Ball 4 vol.3? I try to win all levels 😛 I think there 4 requirements help you win. They are:
    1) Kill all the squares
    2) Collect all the stars
    3) Don’t take any damage
    4) Don’t exit the level until your score has finished counting up after collecting the last star. That last one is the one a lot of people are missing.

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