Raze 3

Raze 3 Game

Raze 3 is an attractive action game which is played by thousands of players over the world. Raze-3 is an interesting story about the battles between mankind and alien. 10 years ago, alien invasion turned the Earth into the world of death. Then, humanity developed many special weapons and built a new world in the skies. With Raze-3, you will have the chance to become the hero who will fight to save mankind. In the skies, your main task is to kill all enemies such as aliens, robots and even zombies. In this game, the players have to overcome 30 different levels and destroy a number of specific targets in each level. Especially, the level of difficulty and the number of enemies also will be increased after each mission. One more thing, you also don’t forget to collect as many coins as possible in the battle. Because they will help you buy many advanced weapons in the game. Are you ready to save humanity and show off your skills? Click now!

How to play Raze 3 game

The players can use the mouse to aim or shoot, WASD and arrows to move, space to jump, Q, E to use next and previous weapons, 1-5 to select specific weapons, P/Esc to pause.

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