Rail Rush

Rail Rush Game

Rail Rush is an interesting game in which you will ride a cart in the cave trying to grabbing the precious stones. As other racing games, this one also asks you to be very careful to get away from the obstacles, accidents and dangerous rails. I think you should step into the cart to start your journey now. Let me remind you to collect the valuable stones, gold nuggets, and gems. There are a lot of secrets waiting for you ahead. The interesting point is that there are several different environments in 10 different settings including dash through the Crazy Caves, fight the horde in the Zombie Caves, make your sweetest dreams come true in Sweet Wonderland, hurtle through the lush and dangerous Amazon jungle, immerse in the terrific Undersea World, etc. Moreover, you can choose one in 18 different characters to play in one of the 10 different worlds. Don’t forget to buy the power-ups which are very useful for you to fulfill the friv game. Use the upwards for jumping, downwards for ducking. Press A or D to dodge. Interestingly, I suggest that you should play Gold Miner to enjoy more and more fun.

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