Poop It

Poop It Game

Haha! Warning! This is a fun and exciting game of Friv4free.com . I believe that you will laugh happily and surprise the image in the game. What are you thinking? Jump into Poop It and have many wonderful moments with your friends and family in life. Here, your main objective is to click on the icons and destroy them within the specified time on the screen. Note that, you only have a short amount of time, so you must act quickly and accurately before time runs out. However, this game is quite dirty, so you should consider before playing to avoid bringing the bad effects. Because the main image in this game is shit, ha-ha it sounds funny, right? Why don’t you try playing and giving a comment on this friv 4 2108 game? Show off your quick reaction and discover many exciting experiences in life. Laugh happily every time right now!
How to play?
Play this game with your left mouse.

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