Pipe Riders

Pipe Riders Game

If you are a fan of the speed games, Pipe Riders will be the best choice for you to start playing. This is an attractive 3D racing game for both children and adults. With Pipe Riders, your main mission is to drive your bike through the pipes and avoid all obstacles on the way. Furthermore, you should try your best to collect as many coins as possible because you can use them to buy new colors and themes for your pipes. Besides, to gain the final win, the players have to complete 32 different levels with many degrees of challenge. To start this game, you can choose 1 in 2 modes: limited time or lives as well as degree of each level from easy to hard. Hey, you! Do you believe that I will become the final winner in Pipe Riders? Are you ready to overcome my score now? Good luck!

How to play Pipe Riders game

The players can use leftwards and rightwards arrow to move left or move right, upwards and downwards arrow to increase the speed. Or you can tap directly on the touch devices.

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