Paladog Game

Paladog is an interesting game about the Knight dog. In the game, he will implement a very noble mission which is saving the world and people. The story is in the distant future, Mother Earth has lost its vitality due to human greed and selfishness. Not long after, the gods decided to destroy the entire human race. Instead, creatures with intelligence have the opportunity to create their own civilizations. However, demons declared war in the whole world. The creatures seem to have been used to living in peace, not capable of fighting the corpses summoned from hell. At that moment, there is a knight standing out for peace and his name is Paladog. Press A and D to move left and right. Press 1-9 to summon units. Press Q and E to move camera. Press W to reset camera view. Are you ready to be Paladog and fight?

Video Paladog Play

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