Neon Rider

Neon Rider Game

Welcome to the most engaging race on the planet in Neon Rider! In this game, you will control a special car to move in the world of light. However, this game has many challenges and a series of deadly traps on the track. So, you need to look very carefully and find a reasonable strategy in the race. Watch out for dead pits and drive your car through them in a safe way. To conquer this friv 4 2018 game, you can choose from a few levels such as Holes, About Color, The Hills, The Walls, The Caves, The Pits and so on. At each level, you will have different challenges and special experiences in the game. So, I recommend that you try to play all levels and have lots of fun experiences in life. How many levels can you conquer in this interesting racing game? Hope that you will have a great time!
Use WASD to drive, arrow keys to change color in the game.

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