More Balls

More Balls Game

More Balls is an awesome combination of puzzle and shooting game which is played by thousands of the players around the world. Use your intelligence and shooting skills to deal with all puzzles and conquer each level in the shortest time. On the screen, many digits with different values will appear. These values indicate the number of shots to destroy them in the match. Your aim is to shoot down all blocks before they fall down on the screen. Keep your eyes to observe the values of the number and shoot correctly to get the highest score in the game. Take advantage of every opportunity to collect stars which can help you increase the distance on the screen. Note, you should not focus on high-value blocks, instead, you should adjust the number of shots to destroy many blocks in a row or column. Who will become the best player in this awesome shooting game? It completely could be you.

How to play?

Use your left mouse to shoot the blocks in the game.

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