Money Movers 2

Money Movers 2 Game

You certainly have not forgotten the game Money Movers – an interesting puzzle game at Friv4 ? Don’t let you have to wait long. Money Movers 2 is ready for you to explore and deal with all exciting puzzles. After the brothers had escaped from the cruel prison, they were forced to return to save their father – who was being held in the old prison. In order to save their father, they will have to go through many difficulties and break through the strict fences in the prison. Police, guards, guns, camcorders, lasers are everywhere in prison. So, you have to control the two brothers carefully and wisely to overcome all the challenges. Find the right timing, solve puzzles and complete quests in the shortest time possible. Be careful because the police are everywhere and you can be shot at any time in prison. Hope that you can help them save their dad and have a happy life after getting out of prison.
Use arrows to move big guy, Space to grab objects, use WASD to move small guy.

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