Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3 Game

Do you love the wonderful melody that emanates from PIANO in Magic Tiles 3 2017, the upgraded music game in the famous Magic Tiles Series. To play this game, you need a good concentration, a sensitive computer mouse and the ability of pressing CLICK, have good reflexes CLICK to achieve the highest score in the game. Look at the screen that is running from top to bottom, you have colorful buttons, press the buttons from the bottom to top, do not skip any button and absolutely do not push out that buttons. The speed of the game is accelerating, that is a big challenge if you are not focused enough. I firmly believe that this game will be an interesting game for you to train your eyes, hands & brain. Fight with concentration, reach the 3 diadems at every level. Do not forget to compare your achievements to the game community through shared comments below.

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