Load Up And Kill

Load Up And Kill Game

Load Up And Kill is a shooting game with many terrifying images. So, before playing this game, you should consider carefully to avoid having nightmares in your life. In essence, this is a brutal torture game for prisoners. In this game, you will select some dangerous weapons to shoot down the enemies in the prison. Note that, this game may contain violent content and bloody images. On the screen, you will see a variety of modern weapons such as pistols, chainsaws, swords, long rifles and so on. Before starting this friv game, you can choose any weapon and attack the enemy. The more destruction you create, the more points you will receive. Warning! This game is not suitable for kids and especially for girls. However, if you are a strong person, you can try playing and relieving anger with someone. Everything is ready for you. Jump into this interesting action friv4 game and show off your shooting skill. Much fun!
Use your mouse to shoot down the enemy.

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