Lilip ilip

Lilip ilip Game

Lilip ilip, the name of the main character, I guess, is a very funny shooting game. The objects of the game are not people, but the tasty fruits. How interesting it is! Now you can try your best to grab as many fruits on a tree as possible by shooting at them. If you touch them, you get them and vice versa. For each level, you are given 3 chances to grab them all. You have to grab at least one fruit to be allowed to move to the next level. If you don’t, please start the level again. Keep in mind that one fruit is just to make sure you pass the level. You should try your best to grab them all to gain high scores and many stars as well. There are always some obstacles which try to stop you from having the fruits such as a worm, a bird and a hive. Don’t touch them or you will lose a chance to eat the fruit. I hope you know what to do with Lilip ilip now. Enjoy!

How to play? Move and hold the mouse to aim. Release it to shoot

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