Knife Shooter

Knife Shooter Game

Do you have a quick and good response? OK! Do you dare to join Knife Shooter – an awesome reaction game for all ages around the world? Challenge your skills right now! In this game, quick and accurate reaction is the key to conquer all challenges. Note that, your biggest mission is to shoot a knife into the target on the screen and get the highest score in the game. The knife and the target will move continuously at high speed, so this will cause many difficulties for you to shoot correctly. Especially, you should remember that you don’t have a limited time in the game, so you don’t need to shoot quickly, please shoot correctly into the target because you only have a life in this reaction game. If you shoot incorrectly, you will have to play again. How many points can you score? All will depend on your shooting skills and reaction rate on the screen.

How to play?

To shoot the knife into the target, you only need to use your left mouse on the computer.

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