King’s Rush

King’s Rush Game

It is a wonderful time to join the most attractive race in the world with King’s Rush now. Drive your car as far as possible and collect many coins on the way. Try your best to overcome all dangerous obstacles and barriers on the race track. Especially, be more careful with deadly traps and become the best player with King’s Rush now. Use space to jump, and X to throw bombs.

kings rush control

Here you can upgrade your curent battering ram ! Higher upgrade level grants better effect. Now you are ready to fight !

Gadgets in Game

  • Repaire : Mechanic minion slowly repairs you cart.
  • Shield : Provides additional defence to your cart.
  • Ballista : Automatically fires javenlins upon your enemies.
  • Reloader : Decreases reload time of the main cannon.

Upgrade your gadgets to increase their effects.


  • Heal : Replenishes your cart’s health.
  • Berserker : Destroys everything the cart hits on it’s way.
  • Boost : Accelerates the cart.
  • Gold rush : Rains gold coins over you.

Once bought/Unlocked/Upgraded, the magic, booster will be available forever.

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