King of Math

King of Math Game

Welcome to the math kingdom! King of Math is a perfect combination between math and action game. In here, your main task is to answer correctly all calculations and destroy as many enemies as possible in the battle. Try your best to earn huge money and use them to upgrade your power in the game. Use the mouse to interact with the computer. What are you waiting for? Show off your talent now!

Kill Zombies & earn as much money to upgrade

Castle : Wood castle -> Stone castle  (-2X more HP) -> Black castle  (-3X more HP).

Support : Level 1 (Attack zombie from distance. Fast rate of fire LOW DMG) -> Level 2 : Crossbow (Inflict more damage faster) -> Level 3 Unlock Mages (Constant fire on near target) -> Level 4 Unlock Artillery (Massive area damage).

King : Spear -> Unlock Crossbow – inflicts more damage + Reloads faster -> Unlock shotgun + Inflicts more damage + Reloads faster + Wider range of fire -> Unlock Cannon + Inflicts even more damage _ Area damage.

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