King Bacon vs Vegans

King Bacon vs Vegans Game

King Bacon vs Vegans is a shooting game in which you will fight in a battle against the foes who are trying to attack the garden. Quickly join with your party to use your own weapons to kill the worms before they go inside!
You will earn scores and stars at the end of each level if you can pass it. In case you let your enemies get into your garden, you will be a loser. All you will do in the Friv 4 game is just stand in a corner and trying to shoot a stone at your enemies. In this case, they are hotdogs, eggs and meat. But you should avoid a chicken instead when face him because he can attack you. Try your best to kill all the foes and do not give them a chance to go inside your garden, ok? Do you think you can do it? Make it! Show your talent in 10 levels of King Bacon vs Vegans. Have fun!

Control : Click the mouse to shoot.

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