Jail Break Rush

Jail Break Rush Game

Oh no! An innocent man was arrested in a toxic prison. He needs to escape to find evidence and forgive him. However, he will be transferred to another prison where there is a strict monitoring and management system in the next two weeks. So, by all means he must escape from this prison as soon as possible. Are you ready to help him? Jump into Jail Break Rush and bring him a free life. In order to escape from this prison, he needs some items and a specific plan. First, you need to build a concrete plan with different ways to escape. However, the police will monitor you constantly so you need to watch carefully and stop all actions before the police go through your prison. Next, you need to find and create some items to escape such as keys, hammers, knives and so on. Do not forget to pay attention to the police officers because if they meet you, you will be transferred to another prison immediately. This means that the friv game is over.


Use your mouse to play the game.

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