I Am A Ghost

I Am A Ghost Game

Some people refuse to play “I’m a ghost” because its name makes them a little bit scared. I can say that you are cheated, lol. Indeed, the game is not terrifying at all. Trust me, this game is suitable for all ages including kids. In the game, you will be Wowo, a good ghost, who always wants to protect humans from being scared by other ghosts. How to do that? Just tap/click on the screen to start the game, and you will know how to do it immediately. That is to say, there are always some instructions of what to do in every single step for players. Tapping the tree to dodge humans and tapping the spiders, skulls, and dead hands to hide them out of humans’ view, for instance, are the most frequent instructions you get in I’m a ghost. It’s time to be a very nice ghost. Play and enjoy!

Control Game : Tap if you play on mobile and click if you play on PC.

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