Hobo 6

Hobo 6 Game

Developed by Amor Games, Hobo 6 is the sixth sequel of the very scary Hobo game series. In Hobo game, you will experience a horrible situation in Hell. You hear it right. Hobo is facing a lot of devils and Satan who always find a way to destroy you. Sometimes, they will beat you with a rode. Sometimes, they will pour fire on you, and a lot of other evil activities. The last point is if you already play Hobo Prison Brawl, you will love Hobo 6 for sure. There are three levels of difficulties in the game including easy, normal and hard. Have fun playing Hobo 6.

How to play Hobo Game

hobo 6 hell game

Welcome to Hobo Hell Game, a few days after Hobo fell asleep on a UFO. The UFO ran out of oxygen and Hobo die ! In game, Player uses A to Punch, Pick Up & Throw objects. Fight to unlock combos like these. Arrow key to move & double tap to run. Press S to kick and Stuff. Q to toggle quality. P to pause an to see list of combos. Note : Choose difficulty : Easy, Normal or Hard. Enter “Password“, If you want to start at a certain checkpoint.


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