Hit Banana

Hit Banana Game

On a beautiful day, the monkey suddenly felt sad, it was looking for a fun game to forget the sadness. However, the monkey could not find anyone to play with in this deserted forest. Great! Monkey thought up an interesting game with bananas on the tree. Do you want to participate in this fun game with the monkey? Jump into Hit Banana and laugh happily every time with the monkey. In this game, you will control a monkey standing next to a banana tree. Whenever a banana falls, you will control the monkey to hit the banana and help it fly as far as possible on the road. You should notice that the banana will suddenly fall off with no signs on the screen, so you must focus on the banana and observe correctly. Do your best to create max distance possible – 11581. This is a record number and very few people can achieve this fascinating figure.

How to play? Using the mouse to control the monkey.

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