Highway Patrol Showdown

Highway Patrol Showdown Game

Highway Patrol Showdown is one of my favorite Friv game in which you will participate in a unique race. You will be able to put your driving ability to test. Joining the game, you will have to choose your team which is the representatives of each country. Every country has its own patrol car available. Your task is to increase the speed to pass all the opponents. Just pass them all and take the first position. Also you should look carefully forward, because in the opposite lane, there will also be a lot of variety of cars. And if you are not careful enough, you will crash into them, and losing the race for sure. After the race you can still have a chance to perform different missions for a while. Are you ready to play the game now? Have fun!

Control : Use the arrows key to drive, press Spacebar to brake, press C to camera, press M to mute

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