Gunbot Game

Gunbot is a new brand game which is created for the fans of shooting games. In Gunbot game, you will shoot at your enemies who are the evil creatures. The more enemies you kill, the much money you will earn. What do you need money for? To buy the more modern guns, shields and skills which give you more power. There are 3 worlds and 15 kinds of weapons in Gunbot for you to choose. However, to unlock the rounds in each world, you have to finish the current one first. And if you want to possess the best weapons with the highest power, quickest reload time, mags size and special, you’d better have a lot of money. Gunbot is a great 2D platformer with basic moves such as using WASD or arrows to move, W or upwards to jump, R to reload and the mouse to aim and fire. You may regret if you don’t try to play Shooting Heads or ( a hot game). Many wonderful things are waiting for you!

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