Granny Catches

Granny Catches Game

Do you want to experience a peaceful life in a happy farm? Don’t hesitate anymore! Play Granny Catches and experience a farmer’s life. In a cheerful farmer of an old woman, the chickens began to lay eggs after several days of care. However, these naughty chickens do not follow any rules, they can lay eggs everywhere. So you have to help the old lady to collect all the eggs from above. By all means, you do not allow these eggs to break because that’s your effort, your motives, your tears, your money and your time. Note that, these eggs will fall unexpectedly and continuously, so you have to control an old and skillful old lady to collect all the eggs that fall from the tree to the ground. This task is extremely fun and exciting. I believe that the game will bring you many memorable moments in life. Have a great time with this interesting game!

How to play?

Control an old woman with your left mouse in the game.

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