Golden duel

Golden duel Game

The battle between a sheriff and a bandit in the middle of a dust cloud in the western town is no longer strange to you for sure. Now, you will have a chance to be a sheriff who protects your town by shooting down 10 bandits in Golden duel – an addictive shooting game. Please notice that the bandits become more and more dangerous and trickier. So, you must be concentrated, faster and smarter than them. Besides, you will be able to train yourself to shoot empty bottles and improve your weapon and armor after each victory. In order to win, the most important thing is that you must be fast as possible. You have 6 bullets to knock out the bandits. Be quick, your foe will kill you while you are reloading your gun chamber. Quick-draw your weapon as you embark on duels against ten cowboy bandits. How many bandits can you defeat? Check it out in Golden duel!


You use mouse to aim and shoot.

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