Ghost Sniper

Ghost Sniper Game

Inspired by a very famous movie with the same name, Ghost Sniper is a thrilling shooting game in which you will have a mission of dealing with a lot of enemies with guns. In other words, you will shoot at them, one by one, to destroy them all. You just try to aim at the targets correctly and then shoot at them so that your enemies are killed. Do not give them a chance to shoot you back or you will get wound, or even die. Remember that the quicker you can deal with them, the higher points you will get.

Curses & kills the target number as required

There are 20 missions in total for you to prove your talent. In specific, with the first one, you have a mission of killing 3 enemies. You are asked to deal with 4 and 22 enemies in the second and 22rd level, respectively. Keep in mind that in order to unlock the next level, you have to finish the current one first. Do you think you can solve all the missions of Ghost Sniper? Do it now!

How to play Ghost Sniper game ?

You use Arrows/WASD to move, Mouse to aim/shoot, Right click/Scroll wheel to zoom, Spacebar to jump.

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