Freeway Fury 3

Freeway Fury 3 Game

Developed by Kongregate, Freeway Fury 3 is one of the most attractive games in action game series. In this game, you will become a character who has to escape the police on the highways. With Freeway Fury 3, you will have no any other choices, you must drive your car to overcome all obstacles by jumping through all cars on the way. After each level, you will get some points to upgrade your power in the game. However, one important thing you should remember that Freeway Fury 3’s speed is quite fast, so you must control quickly and exactly your car to avoid the impact on the way. Especially, in this game, only with a wrong step, you will lose lives and the game is over. Don’t hesitate to play the game now because I believe that it will bring to you many wonderful moments. Have a great time!

How to play Freeway Fury game

Control keys play freeway fury 3

The players can use the arrow keys on the computer to move, Z or M to jump or tap directly on the touch devices.

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