Freefall Tournament

Freefall Tournament Game

Developed by Kongregate, Freefall Tournament is a cool action game in which three players will fight together in a space. To start the game, you need to build your team with many secret weapons to kill enemies and overcome all obstacles. There are 8 missions in  Freefall Tournament. Your main goal is to destroy all enemies with your partners in each level. One more thing, you also don’t forget to collect coins because they will help you upgrade your power in Freefall Tournament. Especially, the players can use coins to buy better weapons in the battle.

How to Play Freefall Tournament game

With Freefall Tournament, the players can use WASD or arrow keys to move, mouse to aim or shoot, space to jump, 1 or 2 to change weapons, R to reload, F to throw bombs, T to chat, C to change class, O to return menu, Tab to show team information. Are you ready to show off your talent with Freefall Tournament? Good luck!

One thought on “Freefall Tournament

  1. Sam Pattuzzi says:

    Fun, fast paced, and engaging game. Worth the time and effort to explore and learn the nuances of every character class; Freefall is very strategic in how you assort your teams, which is half of the challenge. Solid title.

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